Saturday, May 12, 2012

     In the heyday of Pulp Fiction (no, not the movie, you fool, sit down and let me continue!), there were master storytellers who wove amazing adventures every month to lure people into giving up their hard-earned dimes for a few hours of escape from the daily toll of the harsh world.  Lurid covers of exciting heroes and beautiful women in terrible distress littered the newsstands just as comic books were once displayed on squeaky spinning racks in grocery stores all over our nation.  Men, women, and children bought these adventures at the height of the Great Depression in order to find some relief, some excitement, in their lives.  And excitement they found!
     In just a few thousand words, whole epics of horror and amazement were told.  Tales of evil masterminds, frightening tortures, defenseless masses, and against them all...a mere handful willing to stand up, to protect, to keep at bay the ways of damnable men.
     The time has come, again, to be excited, entertained, amazed, and horrified.  For a handful to stand up to tyranny and horror.  For adventure to take our minds off of the daily toll.  Starting now...

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